Above us

My new lens has a pretty good zoom, now i have it though, i have forgotten the pictures i wanted to take when i couldn’t with my old lens.


7 thoughts on “Above us

  1. loving the picture matie 🙂 been looking through youre pictures and theyre actually quite amazing 🙂 i think youre long exposure shots are great but my fav is either this one or the one of the ball 🙂 someone will be getting good grades this year in photography haha

    1. Thank you sam :)) – hopefully I get a decent grade but it’s not all to do with your photos is it 😦 I’m not very good at the writing and presenting part of it :p good luck with your results 🙂

      1. no but its a big part of it lol not everyone writes loads, at least thats what charmaine says all the time, good luck to you too 🙂 what macro lens do you have i was looking at getting one but am hopeless at that sort of thing 🙂

      2. Erm I’m not really sure, my mum got me it for my birthday, it’s like a two in one thing, I think, because it’s got a really good zoom but also a macro feature thing that you can switch on and off. It’s from the brand ‘sigma’ though if that helps 🙂

      3. yes thats the one i was going to get 🙂 may have to try it 🙂 how far up was the plane from you? was it taking off or flying lower than normal cause thats crazy zoom lol

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