Looking Dapper

I did a few photos of my mates before their prom, i need to work on my people pictures as i don’t really take photos of people much, any advice?


7 thoughts on “Looking Dapper

  1. Keep your camera ready at all times. Know when to ask permission. Invest in a wide lens as often those at the periphery may be more interesting. Have fun and just take lots.

  2. I love this! They look ready to party. I’m not a professional photographer but I will say this… Practice, Practice, Practice. With three kids, I get plenty.

  3. Max, I fought that battle for photographing people for a long time; until I noticed something. Depending on the event or gathering of people you wish to photograph, there is one trick that I have found works every time.
    Have you ever caught people with your eyes in what would be a perfect shot if you just had your camera? But when your walking around ‘WITH A CAMERA’, that perfect shot just never seems to come up.
    I’m going to tell you why! When people know that there is someone taking pictures, they tell their self ONE OF TWO THINGS; “EITHER IT’S, ‘I DON’T WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN, OR, I MUST POSE AND LOOK MY BEST!”
    So, how do you get around this? I do it this way. If I’m on a photo hunt’, I keep my camera with me constantly, I walk around and either take the shot they pose for, or ‘pretend to take it, all the while, moving around taking shots, or pretending to do so. A strange thing then happens, after awhile, your subjects start ignoring you and what your doing. They’ll talk and jester with their hands among themselves, and, it’s almost like you are not even there. (If you don’t get too close-but use your zoom!)
    How do you think famous photographers through out the years have taken such great street scenes? People hustle about, oblivious to what going on around them, lost in their own little world, thinking about their daily problems. There’s your shot! They don’t even notice that your there.
    I hope this helps Max. Sincerely, Gerald Ulmer

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